Homeschool Soap Making Workshop

Come learn how to make bar soaps and foaming hand soaps at Be Blends on Main.

For the bar soaps, each child will pick their desired soap base, which essential oils they'd like to use for scent, and may add an inclusion (examples include lavender, rose petals, oatmeal, lemon balm, etc.).  We'll discuss which ingredients are good for which outcomes and what things blend together well.

For the foaming soaps, each child will measure out their ingredients and mix them together to create the base.  They can then follow a recipe we already have, or may experiment to create their own scents using essential oils and natural flavors.

Each student will make three bar soaps, and one foaming hand soap.  The foaming hand soap will be ready to take home the day of the class.  The bar soaps need to cure and be wrapped and therefore will need to be picked up at a later date or shipped for an additional cost (typically $7 per box, which will fit up to 12 bars of soap).

Ages: 7 and up

Date: Wednesday, November 14th @ 11am

Address: 8407 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Ellicott City, MD (no elevator access)


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