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Cedar Lane Fundraiser Single 8oz Candles

Thanks so much for supporting the Cedar Lane School Fundraiser!

Candles can either be shipped (shipping charges apply), or picked up Cedar Lane.

If you'd like to pick up from Cedar Lane, please choose In-Store Pick Up at checkout!! All orders with In Store Pick Up selected will go to Cedar Lane!!

**No discounts or coupons may be applied to this item**

 All of our premium 8oz Mason Jar Candles are made with 100% Soy Wax, Phthalate-Free Fragrance, and Cotton Wicks.

Choose from the following Scents:

Amber Musk This hand poured soy candle is deliciously sensual, musky and warm.  One of our best sellers for those who love a musk scent!

Cedar & LavenderSmooth cedar with just a hint of lavender makes this candle a great choice for anyone that loves a bold, earthy scent.  We tested this hand poured soy candle out with a group of people and it was definite YES!

Cozy CabinMmmmmmm....that's whAmat we say when we smell this comforting, warm, hand poured soy candle!  Cozy Cabin has hints of apple, caramel, cherrywood, cinnamon, honey, with just a touch of spice to make you feel warm and "at home".  A great scent for all year long.  Stacey's absolute favorite candle, year round!

Cinnamon VanillaWe made this hand poured Soy Candle by special request, and we're soooo glad we did!!  A very classic, warm, and inviting scent, it's perfect for Fall and Winter.....but a keeper for all year long.

Earl Grey & AppleA delightful, warm, inviting scent that is not too much, not too little....just right! The crisp, clean scent of tea, with just a hint of sweet apples, and the faintest touch of spice makes the scent a year round favorite!

Just VanillaThis handpoured Soy Candle is intensely vanilla, with the tiniest bit of cream to round it out. A better, kicked-up version of the good ole' Vanilla Candle!

Lavender VanillaThis hand poured Soy Candle is the perfect mix!  Calming, tranquil lavender rounded out with the warmth of creamy vanilla.  Such a beautiful combo of smells that really sets the perfect mood for any room of the house.  A wonderful scent for all year long!


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