Stone Seek Scavenger Hunt

We've hid them, now you find them!  Twenty Be Blends On Main Rocks have been hidden around Ellicott City's Main Street.  Look high, look low, look in and look out...they're there waiting to be found!  Once you find a rock, bring it to the store to collect one of our Stone Seek Scavenger Hunt gifts.  

Gifts include free products (candles, lotions, lip balms, soaps, aromatherapy bracelets, etc), or Be Blends On Main gift cards!

Keep checking back on social media for hints as to where the rocks are hidden.  Once a rock is found we'll hide it again so another person has a chance to find it and get a gift as well!

No purchase necessary...all you have to do is find a rock and bring it in to Be Blends On Main at 8407 Main Street (Big Blue Building across the street from The Wine Bin).

Stone Seek Begins Sunday, Feb 10th and ends on Sunday, Feb 17th.

* Limit One Prize Per Person

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