A Moment To Pause - An Afternoon of Yoga Nidra, and Reflexology

Well, we ran ourselves ragged through the holidays and now we're into the long months of the winter.  A time to catch up from the run around of the previous months, a time to give ourselves some love, grace, and care...some serious needed downtime.  A hibernation of sorts.

 And while it's tempting to hide yourself under a blanket curled up on the couch and wait until Spring is here, the biggest part of loving yourself and caring for yourself is doing things for YOU.  We tend to put ourselves last, and address the needs of others before our own, so gift yourself some time to put you first.

Join Bethany and Stacey for “A Moment to Pause” and an afternoon to take care of YOU.  Through a sweet combination of Yoga Nidra* led by Bethany and Reflexology** and Reiki*** offered by Stacey, followed by a yummy offering of nourishing food and drink, along with a few other surprises – you will finally be able to say you're rested up and ready to take on life.  When your cup is full and you nourish yourself, you can be there for your loved ones with greater presence and love.

Date: Sunday, March 3

Time: 10am-1pm

Location: Be Blends On Main, 8407 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Ellicott City

Spaces are extremely limited, and advanced registration is required.  Don’t miss out on this blissful afternoon for YOU.  Please let Bethany or Stacey know if you have any questions or concerns.  We would love to hear from you.  Absolutely no experience is necessary!  Workshop is on the 2nd Floor, with no elevator access.

 * Yoga Nidra – Sleep-based meditation where you enter the subconscious, where your true nature resides.  Within this space your intentions for living a more vital, awakened life can take root.  The practice of yoga nidra is a tool to rest deeply, restore your soul and direct your energy where you want it to go.  This is called your sankalpa or your intention.  We purposely enter into states of relaxed calm in order to balance the nervous system and enjoy less stress and greater emotional stability.  Yoga nidra helps the practitioner to shift out of outdated patterns of thought and habit

** Reflexology - Reflexology is a therapy based on the principle that there are small and specific areas in the feet and hands that correspond to specific muscle groups or organs of the body. In this system, the extremities provide a “map” of the rest of the body.  Through the application of pressure on particular areas of the feet or hands, reflexology is said to promote benefits such as the relaxation of tension, improvement of circulation, and support of normalized, balanced function in the body.

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