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Hint Body & Linen Spray

A few spritzes of this luxurious spray will give you just a Hint of some of your favorite smells.  The most amazing body spray, but also perfect on linens, or used as a room spray.

Danish Butter Cookie - This amazing spray smells EXACTLY like those delicious holiday cookies we all love. You know, the ones in the tin, sprinkled with sugar, that melt in your mouth. Yum! (Available in November & December Only)

Fresh Picked PearThislight spray will have you smelling like fresh and juicy Barlett Pears. So light and fruity, but not overly sweet, this scent is one of our best sellers and for a good reason!

Peppermint StickThis delicious spray is fresh and pepperminty with a touch of sweetness, just like a Candy Cane!  Perfect for the holidays, but excellent as a year round scent as well.  (Available in November & December Only) 

Sparkling CranberryThis festive spray smells like juicy cranberries, bubbly prosecco, and holiday cheer.  Light and fun with a touch of sweetness...and a touch of shimmer! (Available in November & December Only)

Vanilla AlmondLike your favorite Almond cookie, this yummy spray is sweet, buttery, and delicious smelling.

White TeaThis spray is delicately sweet with a note of herbal tea. Very light and crisp, this is a great year round pick!



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