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Customer Testimonials

  • "LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, be calm!!! I've been enjoying a peaceful slumber every night since I started using this a few weeks ago!  Rub it on my feet and neck and sleep like a baby!!!"

    - Teresa

  • "Just so you know, I am obsessed with the be soothed after sun cooling serum! smells great, feels great! fabulous product! thanks ladies!!!" 

    - Kimberly

  • "Ok seriously, This lemon coconut lip balm is fantastic."

    - Joy

  • "I've tried the lip balm, body butter & bug spray. All fantastic products!!!!"

    - Lisa

  • "Be bug free works better than Off, but without all of the chemicals!!" 

    - Shawn

  • "I have never been a fan of over the counter beauty products and struggled to find a serum/moisturizer that I liked. I have combination skin, really depends on the season as to how dry or oily it is. This serum is wonderful. I use it alone as my moisturizer and my skin has never felt or looked better. I finally cleared out all those "other" products from my draw...this is all I need."

    - Bethany

  • "This deodorant is great ! Goes on smooth. NOT GREASY. I have the tea tree. It works great! Lasted through busy day in the salon. Yay. I've tried many big name natural deodorants. You win!"

    - Tonya Lee