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Laundry & Linen Spray

Room need a freshen up?  Curtains and couch smelling stale?  Laundry need a boost?

Our Laundry & Linen Spray will give your laundry and linens the "freshen up" and "boost"  it needs, in some of your favorite smells! But don't stop at your laundry and linens!  This spray can be used as a body mist, as well! 

Cedar & Lavender - The earthy scent of Cedarwood meets the calming scent of Lavender.  Deep, sensual, and oh so good!

Sweet Pea - So fresh and springy!  A little sweet, a little's the perfect mix that makes you think of sunshine, spring rains, and beautiful flowers.

Warm Blanket -  A clean, fresh, feel good scent.  Smells like fresh, clean laundry...that you didn't have to do! 

White Tea - This is a delicately sweet scent with notes of herbal tea. Very light and crisp, this is a great year round pick!


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