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No Rain, No Flowers" Aromatherapy Bracelet

Most of you know my daughter, Siena, as a fun-loving, crazy-dancing, makeup-loving teenager who ADORES Be Blends.  And she is…all of that.  She is the driving force behind our social media posts (especially the goofy, “make Mom look like she’s lost her mind” dances and reels), and our online live sales.  What most of you don’t know about Siena is that, behind her beautiful smile, is a young woman fighting a daily battle with anxiety.  Siena was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder when she was very young and has worked most of her life to overcome her challenges and fears.  Like anyone with anxiety, she has good days and bad days, easy years, and incredibly challenging years.  Regardless of what hurdles she faces from day to day, she works so hard to brave her anxiety head on, even when it feels really hard to do so. 

So, when Siena came to me a few months ago and asked me if we could make an Aromatherapy Bracelet specifically for anxiety and donate money from the proceeds to an organization that brings awareness and helps build programs for children with anxiety, I couldn’t wait to do it!  Siena is drawn to the stone, Kyanite, because of its ability to calm the mind, and create a deep sense of tranquility.  I made her an Aromatherapy bracelet with Kyanite beads many years ago, and she’s worn it every day since, so it seemed like a natural choice for Siena’s bracelet.

We are calling this bracelet “No Rain, No Flowers” because in order to see the beauty of the flowers, you must have some rain.  It’s a reminder that the rainy days won’t always be rainy, and the rain helps you to appreciate the sunny days even more.  

We’re releasing this bracelet as our May Limited Edition Aromatherapy bracelet because May is Siena’s birthday month.

Proceeds from each “No Rain, No Flowers” bracelet sold will go to Your Mom Cares, a nonprofit founded by moms, to ensure that all children have the resources needed to be mentally well.  

I want you all to know, our Be Blends customers and friends, that you play a large role in helping Siena with her anxiety, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for supporting Siena’s cause, and for supporting Be Blends.  I truly can’t express my gratitude enough.

With Love,




Please Note: The bracelet pictured is S/M. Other sizes may have more or less beads to facilitate appropriate size. Bracelets are made with stretch cord. Bracelets are made with natural stones, and colors may vary from bracelet to bracelet, as they do in nature.  Metal spacers may vary due to availability.


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