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Stillness Aromatherapy Bracelet

This incredible Aromatherapy Bracelet, "Stillness" is not made with a semi-precious stone like most of our other bracelets, but rather made from earthy, fragrant Sandalwood.  Regarded as spiritual element, Sandalwood is said to bring you closer to a higher being and closer to enlightenment.  Sandalwood is incredibly grounding and helps to still the mind, and unite the body, mind, and spirit into alignment.  It is said to help with stress, anxiety, and inner turmoil, and help to bring about peace and tranquility.

The black lava beads are absorbent and will hold the scent of your favorite essential oil for the entire day.

Each Aromatherapy Bracelet comes with a sample bottle of either Sweet Orange, Grapefruit, Bergamot, or Lavender essential oil to apply to the black lava beads.

Please Note: The bracelet pictured is S/M. Other sizes may have more or less beads to facilitate appropriate size. Bracelets are made with stretch cord. Bracelets are made with natural stones, and colors may vary from bracelet to bracelet, as they do in nature.  Metal spacers may vary due to availability.


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