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The "Be" Story

As parents to three beautiful daughters, and three sweet, but crazy pups, we found ourselves frustrated and disappointed in the products that were available to our family.  After all, our home environment is one of the few things in our lives that we have a little control over, so why not do what we can to create a space that lends to better health and wellness?

This is our story.

Having gotten married the year before, we had our first daughter, Siena, in 2006.  Two weeks after she was born, our lives turned upside down when Nick was diagnosed with testicular cancer.  After two major surgeries to remove the cancer that had already spread through Nick's lymphnodes, and several rounds of chemotherapy, Nick is thankfully healthy and thriving today.  That event, however, was a very defining moment in our lives.

As a self proclaimed "health geek", I've always had an interest and passion for all things health and fitness related.  With Nick's diagnosis, though, that interest and passion turned into a mission, and a way of life.  I began looking not only at the food we were eating, but also started learning about the products that we were using on our bodies and in our home.  I was shocked at how many products we were using that promoted health, but really fell short.  In my search for better, safer, and clean products, I found that either things were incredibly expensive, and far beyond my budget, or not really as clean as they claimed to be.  Feeling frustrated, I turned to experimenting with making my own!

It all started with a few lip balms, body and linen sprays, and some essential oils blends.  When people started asking for more of what I was making, I realized that maybe I was onto something, and so Be Blends was born.  What started very small has grown into something we are very proud of today.  We continue to make all of our products with health and wellness in mind, while keeping our prices affordable.  We continue to be completely transparent with our ingredients so you know exactly what you are putting on your skin and in your home.  We believe in a less is more philosophy and we do our best to keep things as simple as possible.  And we pride ourselves on very effective products that people like and continue to buy over and over.

We carry several lines of products so there is something for everyone!

Be Blends Original (White Labels)

Our original body products are all made with 100% therapeutic grade essential oils, most of them organic.  You will never find anything synthetic, artificial or harmful in any of our original products.  You can have peace of mind knowing that the Be Kissable Lip Balm or the Be Bug Free Bug Spray you use on your children does not contain any of the dangerous chemicals that most of the popular brands on the market contain, yet it is every bit as effective.  Everything we will ever offer to you comes with the promise of being made with the safest ingredients for your entire family. This is our commitment to you, always.

* No artificial fragrances
* No artificial colors
* No harsh chemical preservatives


Hint by Be Blends Products (Grey Labels) & For Him (Black Labels)

Our "Hint" and "For Him" lines are made with the clean, organic bases that you know and love from Be Blends, but they have just a "hint" of phthalate-free fragrance, for those that want a little stronger, longer lasting smell than what you can achieve with essential oils only.  Phthalates are inexpensive chemicals that are used as binders, thickeners, and preservatives, and are in a lot of the traditional products that we use to keep them smelling good for a long time.  They are incredibly toxic to breath in, and to put on your skin, but many companies use them because of their affordability.  Not us!  All of our products are proudly phthalate-free, and made with premium body safe phthalate-free fragrance.  We never use artificial colors, or harsh chemical preservatives.

* Just a "Hint" of phthalate-free fragrance
* No artificial colors
* No harsh chemical preservatives


Soy Candles and Laundry & Linen Sprays

Just like our "Hint" and "For Him" lines, our Soy Candles and Laundry & Linen Sprays are made with premium, phthalate-free fragrance.  Delicious smelling, long lasting, but so much better for you than what you'll find with many traditional brands that you know.  In addition, our soy candles are made with 100% soy wax (many popular brands are made with parafin wax which releases petroleum gases when burning), all cotton non-leaded wicks, and have no artificial colors.

* Just a "Hint" of phthalate-free fragrance
* No artificial colors
* No harsh chemical preservatives

Trying to keep your family safe and your choices healthy can be overwhelming.....we know.  Our goal at Be Blends is to give you one less thing to worry about in this hectic life.

So, we invite you well.  be balanced. be essential.

Stacey Ventura, Certified Reflexologist, Reiki Practitioner

I live in Maryland with my husband, Nick, our three incredible daughters, and our "zoo" (3 dogs, 5 chickens, and lots of fish).  For as long as I can remember, I have always been very interested in and had a passion for health, wellness, and the human body.  I have my B.S. in Kinesiology, and after graduating I worked as the Director of Fitness and Wellness for Towson University.  Starting Be Blends has been an amazing journey of growth, exploration, and opportunity.